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Content and communications for growth, understanding, and business & market development.
Matt Bailey has a unique combination of media skills, and marketing and communications experience in business and industry.

Visual and Digital Media


Matt is a trained editorial and workplace photographer, able to create eye-catching images of everything from products to people.


Sometimes, what’s needed to get a message across is a combination of media, including audio, images, video and text.


Video is king! Whether you need short, sub-60 second clips for Instagram, or 10min, cinematic masterpieces, Matt can deliver.

More information regarding my Social Media Training courses are on their own dedicated page.
Social Media Training

Written Content

Case Studies

Matt is a globally-experienced journalist and storyteller, able to create clear, concise and persuasive text.


Products, services and new ideas need the right words to win hearts and minds.


Matt is a skilled writer who can provide crafted, on-message text for internal and external publications, for change, growth and understanding.


  • I’m always amazed by (Matt’s) ability to craft interesting stories and captivating images for a wide range of topics. His work is always spot on; well written, technically perfect, and visually appealing

    Scott Rathburn - Haas Automation Inc

  • Matt has helped us to reach and to communicate with the top companies and race teams based in the UK and Europe.

    Peter Zierhut, Director, Windshear Inc., North Carolina, USA.

  • I would never have been as successful at my job as VP International Marketing had it not been for Matt’s contributions and insight. No matter the challenge, I knew that the outcome would be more professional and more successful if Matt was involved.

    Scott Melamed, VP International Marketing.

About Matt

Matt is an experienced writer, photographer and video producer. He works with companies and organisations worldwide to tell compelling, interesting, visually appealing stories for internal and internal communications.
Matt has worked in 35 countries, often in difficult and demanding conditions, to find and communicate the stories that make a business, product, or service unique.

Contact Matt

T: 07890 918 412 
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