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Social Media Courses

Social media give companies the opportunity to create and build a brand narrative that makes sense to them, their customers and their stakeholders. To do so, employees charged with responsibility for the brand narrative should know how to create eye-catching images that maintain the company’s brand standards and communicate key messages clearly and consistently.

One-Day Workshop:

During a one-day workshop, Matt will work with a small group of individuals to, for example
  1. Identify the type of images that align with the corporate brand/narrative.
  2. Find ways to ‘discover’ stories that can be told visually.
  3. Make the best use of available lighting.
  4. Get the best from available equipment, including smart phones, SLR cameras, etc.
  5. Create eye-catching workplace portraits.
  6. Manage artificial light and use basic lighting techniques.
  7. Photograph events, products and processes.
  8. Use simple editing techniques to improve the quality of images.
  9. Address other challenges particular to the client.
Workshops are tailored according to client requirements.

Two-Day Workshop:

A two-day workshop is suitable for larger companies and organisations with different products/sites, etc., or those with more particular requirements, such as photographing off-site case-studies, events, etc. Delegates will cover technical, lighting and location issues, as well as other, particular challenges. For example,...
  1. Creating a visual narrative.
  2. How to use images on social media.
  3. Location lighting for challenging environments.
  4. Other technical challenges particular to the client.
  5. Shooting video as well as still images.
Delegates on a two-day workshop may cover a ‘live’ event or project, where Matt will work alongside them and help them to produce a finished product. 

As with the one-day workshop, the second day is tailored to client requirements.


One-day workshop - 10am – 3pm (for one attendee): £xxx + travel.

Two-day workshop – hours to suit the client. £1000 - £xxx + travel.

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